Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winter Coats and Jackets Fall

 Camel & Shearling Coats and Jackets
 Big Ticket Daywear
 Minimal Chic & Stealth Wealth
 Nomadic Traveller Look

Quality materials and textures combine to make the mood of autumn 2010 fashion trends. Several key looks are based entirely on the material of a piece - Shearling, camel wools, lace, patterned Nordic or cable knitwear.

There are many individual coat trends for the winter of 2011, but these can be divided into two key looks of 'womanly minimal chic' and 'nomadic free spirit'. The colours can be subtle or strong with dusty dulled-down neutral shades being particularly popular.  Camel is a top autumn colour, but there are also bright vivid hues especially RED, ORANGE and PURPLE.

The overall look of the camel trend has a high profile this autumn 2010. If you are thinking already 'not for me' take note this camel does encompass the concept of expensive neutrals, in particular, the taupe beige fashion colour family through to creamy oyster.  It's perfect for luxe Mad Men fashion homage, and even better, it can also take in the Shearling aviator  jacket and gilet.

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