Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer Jewelry Trends - Cocktail Rings / Oversized Rings

Cocktail rings are big over sized rings that come in various sizes and designs. They are called cocktail because most of them time they are worn for cocktail parties in the evening with glamorous outfits.
Any design goes and you can choose colors to match your outfit or you can contrast and color clash and since the rings are big accessories on their own wear one at a tome so as not to crowd your fingers.
The bigger the better, just be sure it's not so big that it slides off your finger. Flaunt this trend with oversized looks of jewels.
Editor: fashion geek

(1) A 2.43ct diamond (set in platinum) from Diamond de Neige collection, $16,000, 55 East Oak St.; 312-705-1820
(2) Vintage moderne 18k citrine set in 14k gold, $2,200, circa 1960 and available at Douglas-Rosin Decorative Arts and Antiques, 730 N. Wells St.; 312-337-6556
(3) Vintage topaz set in 14k gold, $2,300, both circa 1960 and available at Douglas-Rosin Decorative Arts and Antiques
(4) Harry Winston platinum-set classic cluster 5.15ct diamond, $57,000, 55 East Oak St.; 312-705-1820
(5) An 18k citrine and yellow sapphire flower, $5,175, at Trabert & Hoeffer, 111 E. Oak St.; 312-787-1654.
(6) David Yurman 18k beryl and diamond, $21,000, 40 East Oak St.; 312-787-7779.

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