Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Broken Vows in Wedding Photography

It is one thing to make a promise to deliver good wedding photos. It is another thing to make good of that promise. And that’s what Ariel Javelosa and his team of wedding photographers do best – their vow is as sacred as yours when you finally walk down that aisle towards a lifetime of marital bliss.
Wedding Photo
by Ariel Javelosa

So when they pledge to bring in their “…distinctive style and fresh approach to wedding photography in the Philippines,” rest assured that they will deliver, rain or shine, come hell or high water.

”You were so accommodating and very professional in every aspect...You're highly recommended, our Irish families, friends & colleagues were absolutely in the sky when they viewed our wedding. They even suggested that we better start our business here as Ariel Javelosa Photography-Ireland, ha ha ha...”

-- Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Vie Carr

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