Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Globalization of fashion – just think about it.

   Now a day’s almost everyone cares a lot about their appearances and dressing. But in depth, today’s fashion is definitely becoming homogeneous (simply westernizing). This may be partially due to the impact of media ... TV, movies, and the internet. And also because of western societies colonizing a lot of far places and spreading all over the world. And people blindly love their way of dressing and fashion trends, with thinking about their climatic conditions, money value, regional tradition etc...

   Fashion is evolving, but not in varieties of trends... just the opposite. It's becoming one big planet, with everyone dressing pretty much unique. Perhaps it takes time till the trends arrive here, but I observed that the clothes sold in stores were very similar to the one I saw in the other continents... and on the streets, the same. It was even alarming; you know the whole globalization phenomenon is out there; think of how the world's becoming trendy uniform.

  Rebecca Taylor a fashion designer - “We used to design for each market, but now what's popular in the US is popular in Asia.”

  The globalization of fashion diminishes individual style and dressing trend. Anyone can just wear the latest trends, it takes nearly no style or imagination to do that... I think that, if it continues in such way, where everyone is dressing so much alike all over the world, there will be a big influx of very unique personal style and after two centuries, people can’t figure out their region’s trend, dressing style; just everything will be unique (western).

  Please try to be unique of your own style and create your own trend which adapts your climate, some what your regions traditions etc...

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