Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Experts In Luxury And Comfort: Worry-Free Metro Manila Wedding

Admit it. Planning a whole wedding is not a piece of cake, especially for couples with a tight budget. You have to scour all over the place to find the best deals and special offers to lower the cost of some expenses like the wedding gown, the wedding cake, flower arrangements, the food, etc etc.

It's always a dilemma, finding the best that keeps up with your limited budget. What's the solution? Settle for less than your dream wedding? Of course not! We found just the thing that could be the answer to your prayers.
City Garden Suites' Sumptuous Wedding Entree

The City Garden Hotel is right in the heart of Manila and is the top choice for guests, travellers and function organizers. A benchmark of comfort and business-class luxury, it was hailed as the “Outstanding 3-Star Hotel” during the 20th National Consumers Excellence Awards.It has never failed to live up to its commitment in offering genuine Filipino hospitality and excellent service. 

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