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Ileán Almaguer & co in "El Quinto Mandamiento" [2012 Mexico]

Rafael Lara's latest drama "El Quinto Mandamiento" [Eng. Title: The Fifth Commandment] is a psychological thriller of the oh-haven't-I-seen-this-before variety, but I guess most mainstream films are these days, and this one is as mainstream as a Mexican Taco. At least it doesn't pretend to be anything else, and you get exactly what's written in the packet.

Storyline - Víctor, psychopath, loves carving crosses onto women post-mortem, blames paedophile priest and mother-in-denial for his behaviour, falls in love with one of his intended victims and decides to give up his adopted lifestyle. Alcoholic detective (he's mourning his sister's passing), eventually tracks down Víctor, and manages to break his habit with the bottle. Of course, you do have the obligatory gore with shaky camera and sharp edits thrown in to make things look this century, and moments of reflection explaining the reason for Víctor's actions.

Compilation: Jimena Guerra, Jimena Luna and Ileán Almaguer
There are unpleasant scenes here for some very obvious reasons, so use your discretion.

Jimena Guerra, Jimena Luna and Ileán Almaguer in El Quinto Mandamiento

Scene Guide:
  • Victim no. 1 - had to endure looking at her portrait that Víctor had painstakingly drawn. Played by Jimena Guerra.
  • Victim no: 2 - ends up in the morgue surrounded by puzzled detectives after rejecting one of Víctor's less macabre artworks. played by Jimena Luna.
  • Intended victim Gabriela actually takes Víctor's fancy and he fantasises about her. Played by sweet-looking Ileán Almaguer.
  • In reality though, Víctor's dating technique leaves a lot to be desired. But even all tied up, Gabriela pulls the courage to tell him that he could actually do with some professional help. And he feels insulted.


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Marina Anna Eich & co in "Mein Traum oder Die Einsamkeit ist Nie Allein" [2008 Germany]

With an intriguing title for Roland Reber's 2008 film, "Mein Traum oder Die Einsamkeit ist Nie Allein" [Eng. Trans: My Dream or Loneliness never walks Alone], one would've expected to be taken on some kind of existential ride exploring human nature on the lines of Antonioni's 'L'Avventura". Well, I was any way. But what we see is an experimental exercise in mixing various motifs by bringing the stage to the screen.

I assume Mr. Reber was trying to reach out to a younger 'mainstream' audience with his cut-and-dry theories. In his customary style, he uses a detached character to comment on the protagonist's state of mind. Here it is the androgynous Godot - a scavenger making a living off the city's sewer system, who unravels the protagonist's confused state of mind and in some ways acts as his guardian angel.

A man leaves his wife, family and friends and walks off with his suitcase not knowing what he wants to do next. He bumps into some characters who'll reappear again during his night of wanderlust in company of the affable Godot (played by Mira Gittner). He will relive conversations with his parents, wife (Marina Anna Eich), and mistress (Sabrina Brencher) among others as he reassesses his life. Knowing that the man is contemplating suicide, Godot will try and explain why people do and say the things they do.

The story apparently was inspired by a real event concerning an old man who threw himself off a bridge, suitcase in hand, onto the carriageway below. It is an unusual addition to Roland Reber's filmography, as I believe this is primarily stage play material, may be even a musical. While I have no problems at all with what Reber is trying to say, I'm not sure to what extent people today might relate to the 'traditional' characters portrayed here. But it is witty in places, and we get to see a different kind of character played by Ms. Eich. As usual, you have cast members doubling up as crew - Mira Gittner handling cinematography and editing, with Marina Anna Eich and Patricia Koch in charge of production.

Official site and Trailer
Amazon DVD Link

pdf-50 Dialogue Sheet in English

Sabrina Brencher, Marina Anna Eich, Patricia Koch, and Martina Schölzhorn
The film contains only brief scenes of nudity which is largely used for comical effect. This post also coincides with the German theatrical release of WTP International's latest film, "Die Wahrheit der Lüge" aka "The Truth of Lie".

Sabrina Brencher, Marina Anna Eich, Patricia Koch, and Martina Schölzhorn in Mein Traum oder Die Einsamkeit ist Nie Allein

Scene Guide:
  • Our protagonist summing up what his mistress means to him - love, faith, hope, and farewell. The mistress is played by Sabrina Brencher.
  • We now get to hear how the mistress sees her relationship with him...
  • A bizarre scene where the wife tries to open up to hubby's best friend, but who on the other hand seems more keen to perfect his tasteless jokes. The wife is played by probably the fairest among Bavarians, Marina Anna Eich.
  • Some additional snippets from the film where we see Reber appearing as himself and cuddling up to a couple of 'bunnies' - Martina Schölzhorn on the right, and the stunning but 'visibly' underused Patricia Koch. I wish we get to see her fill the screen for a little while longer..!
  • Well she does, if only briefly - with fellow bunny Martina when the TV presenter gets ready for the next take.


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Meanwhile in the tv studio ...

Djurre is preparing for DWDD

at the table - on the table 
and then...

Meanwhile in a kitchen somewhere in Hamburg...

Rachel Zoe Spring 2012 Collection

Rachel Zoe's Spring 2012 collection is available at Bloomingdales and its lookbook can also be seen on the store's website. What I love about Rachel Zoe's Spring 2012 Collection is the images are moving!

See more looks here...

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Cute, Touching, Romantic Wedding Photo Ideas!

Cute, Touching, Romantic Wedding Photo Ideas!

Regardless of what Wedding Photographer You Choose To Hire, , it always helps to have some of your own ideas (or borrowed ones) that you'd like incorporated into your wedding day photography!

We've found some that we feel are worth sharing. Some are just cute, while others are, downright touching!



Three Generations Ring Shot! If You're So Lucky To Have Your Loved Ones With You, This Shot Is A MUST!



It's the Simple Things: Beauty on a Budget

Creativity within the wedding world is truly endless. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to flowers,colors and styles. Arrangements have taken new heights (literally) and have become a work of art in themselves. While our focus shifts to grand orchids and peonies galore, it's easy to lose sight of the simple beauty within "filler" flowers, more specifically baby's breath.

Baby's breath is a delicate and dainty little flower often found complimenting a gorgeous arrangement of red roses. These little buds bring character to any vintage inspired wedding and a whimsical effect to any tablescape. Costing just pennies a bunch, we adore baby's breath in the budget department and we'll let the following photos explain why we love them just for their delicate beauty:

White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Decor Ideas
White Lace Baby's Breath Ceremony Aisle Wedding Decor Ideas
White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Centerpieces

babys breath bouquetrs

We hope you've been inspired = )


The Emily Weddings Team
Photo Credits:

Wedding Weather Prediction 2012

Wedding Weather Prediction 2012

What An Awesome Wedding Weather Prediction Tool Is This?

Simply Input Your Basic Info., including your wedding date, wedding city, time of your ceremony, etc., and this cool tool, gives you some amazing, and believably accurate predictions!

See screen shot below for a Fresno wedding on August 24th, 2013. Enjoy!



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Barbie Pink Spring Nail Trends Ombre 3d … 

  Barbie Pink Spring Nail Trends Ombre 3d …

{Wedding Design} Cotton Candy Wedding Accents

I did a post the other day about using cotton candy at our bridal show table. It got me thinking about what other fun ways could you use cotton candy at your wedding?   I think it would be great to use the cotton candy set at your placesetting, displayed in a bowl, and then have the staff come and pour a soup course in the glass and the cotton candy melts, adding to the flavor.  Ok, before you say “eewww grosss”! Keep in mind there are tons of flavors of cotton candy including bacon & jalapeno.   Check out Tasty Clouds for a ton of flavors!
So that may be an option for you foodies…for those not quite as adventurous….you could just top your champagne glass with a tuft of your favorite flavor….strawberry maybe. 

Well I searched to see how others are using this sweet treat, and here are just a few:

Candy Stations
Using it as a backdrop and to add height.  
Hanging from a tree for guests to take home. 
Little balls of cotton candy in cupcake holders.

Cake Decor
It would make lovely décor item around your cake, very ethereal!

Champagne Garnish
Pick your favorite flavor or wedding colors.


Signature Drinks
The most popular seems to be as a signature drink, either as a garnish or as part of the drink recipe.




Catering Enhancement
I think it would be cool to work with your caterer on a flavor mixture and create your own unique cotton candy course.  It would be memorable!   

Pumpkin Soup with cotton candy garnish
Garnish for late night snack
Your caterer could make a food flavored cotton candy and you could have it as an appetizer or dessert station.  Your caterer could pass out sticks of a spun bacon flavored cotton candy, or mango flavored…yes this actually exists!!  I had the mango flavored one, and it was delish!

Bacon Flavored cotton candy
Bacon Flavored Cotton Candy served on Bacon

Shrimp covered in cotton candy
What ideas can you think of for adding cotton candy to your day?

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