Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oscars Fashion

As you may have heard recently, the global renowned award ceremony, the Oscars, took place. Stars and celebrities from the silver screen and the world of Hollywood went along to the awards event in the hope of winning one of the coveted prizes. Of course we do not watch the event just to see who won what, but also to see 'who wore' what. Many use the event as a way of showing off their best attire and adorn themselves in a dazzling designer gown or trendy tuxedo, hoping that they will splashed across the pages of magazines in the best dressed section.

Every year people around the world tune in to watch the Oscars to see*who gets the award for best actress, best actor, best film, best director and many more. But you will also find that many reporters, fashion writers, bloggers and magazine editors will be tuning in to see who was best dressed on the night, who was worst dressed and who just got it down right wrong. The display of high end dresses on show at these kinds of events is always full of glitz, glamour and big name designers. Famous faces and celebrities choose a stand out look in the hope of being named the best dressed on the night.

Attendees will spend months in advance choosing what to wear and will hire stylists and shoppers to help them with their choice of attire for the night. It can only be a good thing when you are awarded both an Oscar and a vote for being the best dressed at the ceremony. Designer labels and brand names are thrown all over the place when looking at who wore what. Some see it as a way to promote their brand and their collection. After all if a celebrity is seen wearing a designer label, everyone else will want to go out and buy it too.

So who got it right and who got it well and truly wrong this year. Popular actress Emma Stone seemed to have been named as best dressed women of the night with a stunning floor length red gown. Singer and film star Jennifer Lopez did not fare as much in the style stakes and was unfortunately voted the worst dressed of the event, wearing a risky silver striped full length frock for the awards ceremony.

Of course we can only take inspiration from the jaw dropping gowns and turn them in to a look of our very own. Copying their style and choosing from more affordable designer labels such as Ilse Jacobsen will allow us to look just as great as the film stars do.

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