Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Affordable DeLUXE Wedding Cakes

Every Filipina bride dreams of a perfect wedding reception: breathtaking wedding reception,
Bliss Wedding Cake
by Goldilocks Bakeshop
sumptuous wedding catering, and of course, the perfect wedding cake. Aside from its decorative and celebratory purposes, a wedding cake plays an important part in any Philippine wedding ceremony. As newly weds cut the wedding cake together, it symbolizes not only the union of the couple but also the start of their new life together.

Unlike before when the bride and groom would prefer a traditional three-layered white cake for their wedding, more and more couples nowadays are opting for a non-traditional and personalized wedding cake. That is why Goldilocks Bakeshop, a leading Philippine wedding cake shop in the country, now offers what soon-to-wed couples are looking for—a deLUXE wedding cake specially made for their wedding day. 

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