Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Royal Wedding Countdown (5 days): Tweet the Royal Wedding

The BIG Countdown!
1 day until I leave for London, and 5 days until the big day!

Oh how I love twitter! You know that I'll be tweeting during the Royal Wedding...www.twitter.com/ccjulie

BUT  according to The Telegraph here are the Top 20 Best Royal  Wedding Tweeters 

I'm re-listing a few:
1. Royal Wedding - The account dedicated to the most anticipated wedding in decades will be tweeting regular updates with links to relevant news stories.

2. The British Monarchy -The official British Monarchy Twitter account is guaranteed to bring you all the latest news on the royal wedding.

3. Clarence House - The person running the account will be tweeting updates and exclusive pictures of members of the Clarence House household throughout the day, including groom-to-be, Prince William.

4. BBC Royal Wedding-This is the official royal wedding Twitter channel from the BBC, which also interestingly features regular links to blog posts published on the BBC America website for a different perspective.

Of course there are hashtags too: #royalwedding and #rw2011

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