Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home: Living Room Interior design

I love interior decos of houses and if i had my way i would stare at the pictures till eternity. In another lifetime i would have studied to become an interior designer but still that passion is still in me. I'm almost obsessive compulsive when it comes to organisation, i love it when things are in thier proper place and i can easily find them. I literally throw a fit when i see things scattered everywhere looking like a tornado just passed through.
I love beutiful houses and i even have a picture of how my house would look like...that reminds me i wanted to be an architect too but me and calculations were born in different universes.
Today I will feature Red and White Living Room Designs since it's the Valentines month...everything red and all from http://www.interiorarcade.com/
Be inspired to create your own personal space that is beautiful, magnificent and calming for those long tiring days

Selecting a living room’s color combination is a major hurdle when designing a home. Generally people like a light themed living room design with some specifically selected areas or corners which are very vibrant. For contemporary houses we see a lot of cream and white colored living room designs which include a light brown flooring, white walls, white furniture especially sofa sets with white leather upholstery and a white ambient lighting.
These are few ideas for red white living room designs. White is the more subtle while red is intense and the combination of these two colors works really well. Most of the rooms when featured use two colors but the best color contrast is white and red. Blue and White Living room designs are also a good contrast but to give a more smart and classy and bold look to your living room the red and white is a killer combination. As shown in the images below for living room designs you surely would agree that red and white really make your living room stand out.

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