Friday, February 24, 2012

Skinny Suits for Men

The light skinny suit is what is going to make or break you this summer. Don't even think about walking into a Manhattan lounge without one on. You want respect and you don't want your time wasted. These are lightweight and are easily used with other pairs. Jet black if you don't mind the Bond references all night (this may not bother you), but Dark jeans and a Skinny Black Blazer doesn't dock you points. Skinny. Ties. Only. Unless you're in a business meeting or wearing a 3 piece/ie sweater, Fat ties are a not.
 If you didn't notice, thin is in. Especially now. If you haven't done much about your body all winter, you might want to squeeze in a month of working out. These outfits are not too expensive (Zara 49.95-69.95 tops/pants). Spending on a budget this season will not be hard. Shorts paired with Boat Sweater or even a light blazer is not going to kill you. Chic and clean is what it's about. Stay simple, but exude echelon.
Lots More to expect this season!
 Marcus Lovingood, Editor...


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