Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trends: Lace Shoes

Lace shoes are a trend that has been seen on the runway since last year 2011 especially black lace shoes. They are elegant and create an impression of sexiness and  a woman who is in control of her fashion sense. Lace shoes can be worn as an accessory especially with  a short dress to have them stand out.
The most popular are black lace shoes but you can have them in different colored designs, or a lace shoe that has lace on a particular spot. Even a little lace on the shoe looks spectacular when matched with the right outfit.
Designers are coming out with designs that are fabulous while some are more artistic and better suited on the catwalk. Whatever your likes, the lace shoe is a classic piece of shoe that is not about to die anytime soon.
Here are a few samples:
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