Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love: My Desert Song

Embrace me my beloved for I panic when in isolation
Dry desert winds scorch away at my shriveled up heart
Sand has grazed my tender toes that curl to stop the burning
The cactus have pricked my most treasured emotions
I can sense a desert storm forthcoming
Nowhere to escape the sudden death of your memories
My lips have cracked for lack of yours that moistened them
Trembling under this unknown icy chill
Almost bleeding for lack of warm attention from your touch
My chest is caving in to try and send away the haunting ghosts
That is your memory within my soul
My arms have been weakened refusing to hold close another
You are the only safety my heart knew
All I have now
Is this photograph that is the only reminder of your existence
My feet refuse to move away from this place we called home
Knees knocking against each other simply because they can
I am a shadow of myself in the midst of cruelty
Before you I was seeping from the cup of never falling in love
I melted in disdain without your intensifying aphrodisiac words
I crave your presence that kept me sensible and unruffled
It is a sudden wasteland… my heart, my mind, my body, my soul
The last song with keys that have refused to play loud
Keeps replaying in my worn-out consciousness
You need to be back before winter steals away my cold skin
I can only explain it this way, that
You have left a barren region where fertility was
I have become a shell, empty within because I need you so much
Battle fields that have been abandoned is what my world has become
Only falling again when I try to climb up
Out of this misery that has become a daily dose of tranquilizer
I swallowed my pride to surrender to your snugly arms
I want not to surrender to this throbbing in my chest
All I want is to be alright without your suggestively armored kiss
Temperately I take every impossible footstep towards being alright
This desert will not break my resolve of becoming whole
As terrifying as walking blindly without you
Or the torture of sleeping alone may seem
I have won the war of the fear of losing this love eternally
I have been a broken hearted soul for far too long
I will erase it all
At the end of it all, your heart, soul, flesh will no longer be in mine

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