Thursday, December 1, 2011

{Photos of the Week} Love this Tradition...the Bride Always Wins!

Wedding Planning Traditions:   German Bridal Cups

This is a wedding tradition, that I think all brides should incorporate in to their wedding reception! 
The bridal cup is made up of a large cup and a small hanging cup.

Champagne or the beverage of your choice fills each cup. The bride and groom stand close together and drink from the cup at the same time, the bride from the tiny cup, and the groom from the large one.

The old tradition says that love, faithfulness and good luck await the couple who drink from the cup.
However, most people tell the other tradition before they start drinking.... "Who Rules the House"
Whoever finishes first, without spilling a drop will be the ruler of the house.
The bride always wins!

This was so much fun at Eryn and Sean's wedding (Devil's Thumb Ranch).
The guests were cheering (maybe that was mostly the ladies?), but it got a lot of laughs!  
It's a great way to add a little of  your heritage to your day, or even create a new family tradition.

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