Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meeting the Team: Paula Lipsey

When Paula moved to Virginia in 2010, she knew exactly where to send her resume. While reading the Virginia, Maryland, and DC edition of The Knot, Paula was drawn to an interview with wedding planner and coordinator Emily Petersen. "My love for weddings and events had grown during college, and when I started planning my own wedding (May 19th, 2012), I picked up a local issue of The Knot. The article on Emily Weddings was the first thing I read, and I took it as a sign."

Paula joined the Emily Weddings team in February of 2011, and has enjoyed every minute of helping brides bring their dream wedding vision into reality.

Paula graduated from the College of Charleston in 2010. During her college career, she majored in Media Communication Studies and was a public relations intern for fashion designer Brian Reyes. "I have always had a love for fashion and being able to combine my major and one of my passions was a great experience. Every time I get to help a bride with a fashion decision I get excited!"

Paula's love for the industry was a given while going to school in such a large wedding destination city. "In Charleston, there are planners on every corner, custom dresses on every street, and weddings happening every hour in the beautiful churches of our holy city. I think that every girl that graduates from our school has an interest for weddings and events from just seeing them around town. I got to meet designer Carol Hannah at an alumni event and was a little star-struck!"

Paula also has experience in the interior design field. "When brides can tell me what colors they are leaning towards and the overall feel they are going for with their wedding, I can run from there. I love to see brides get inspired by decor ideas that I put together for them. Whether the client is starting with a blank canvas or if I am helping them give life to an exact vision, I love the whole design process."

Paula says that she is thankful for not only the experience she has gained from the Emily Weddings team members, but the friendships and memories she has made. She can't wait for an exciting 2012 season!

Q&A with Paula:

What is your favorite wedding tradition?
"I was in a sorority, and in the south, we have a tradition called a sorority sing. Your sisters give you your sorority's flower and sing one of your songs before your send off with your new husband."

What is your favorite wedding day accessory?
"I love big statement pieces. Chunky necklaces or cuffs can make a big impact. You only need one fabulous piece to really stand out."

What is your favorite bouquet flower?
"I love peonies. They're big and fluffy and look gorgeous in any bouquet."

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