Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Guestbook Idea

I've been seeing a lot of the thumbprint tree guestbooks lately, and they are so cute!
You can pre-thumbprint the tree, or have guests do it themselves
(just be sure to provide a wipe to clean up with).  
Add a little sign for guests to "leaf" their name on the guestbook tree and you're all set!

However, leaves and trees may not go with your wedding theme, so see below to personalize it!


Balloons in your color theme would be fun...maybe with a drawing of one of your hobbies (like the bike below, or skiers, etc), or how about a sketch of a little cute couple walking away, holding hands?


You can look on for various artists who can create and personalize these looks for you.

However, you can also download a tree image and create your own.  Thanks to Style Unveiled for providing a great Tree Download!
Here's the blank tree image and what they describe you'll need. 

Download Your Wedding Fingerprint Tree

Just click the image to the right to be taken to the downloader!  Work with your invitation designer to add your own names or add them yourself using an online editor.
  • The tree is sized to be printed 16" x 20" with a quarter inch space around the edge
  • You want "Archival" or "Acid Free" paper and ink to make sure it lasts for years to come
  • Pack it flat so you don't have curling paper on your day.  You can also display it in a frame, minus the glass.

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